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The Perfect 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him!

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The Perfect 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him!

They say the choices are way too limited when it comes to gifting something for your man! But then, they are not looking. Spoiling he who has been spoiling you for the past year or the decade, deserves something more than just wallets, pens or apparels. Right? We bring to you some amazing ideas that are bound to not just surprise him but also make him feel special like never before, whether it is the 1st wedding  anniversary gifts for him or one of the many.

Before we begin with what you can choose, let us tick what he likes.

1st wedding anniversary gifts for him

Before Choosing the Right Gift:

The idea for the perfect 1st wedding anniversary gifts for him is all about his interests. Here are some pointer you could refer to before zeroing down on what kind of gift you would want to buy.

  • Passion – Sports, games, movies, wrestlers, boxing, cars – men and their interests are varied even though they might seem alike to you. Pen down what he ‘really’ loves.
  •  Time in hand – He might be as busy as a CEO, but then, a weekend might just be the ideal time to plan a surprise vacation. (All paid of cause).
  • Food – They say the way to a man’s heart is by his stomach – ‘They’ are NOT kidding! Note his favorite cuisine.
  • Spa – Yes! Relaxation is not just a girl thing, guys need it too.

Choosing the Right Gifts for Him

When you have sorted out what he likes, it is time for choosing the 1st wedding anniversary gifts for him. Once you have his interest patters with you, you will never go wrong in surprising him. Here are some amazing gifting ideas for that 1st wedding anniversary gifts for him.

Based On Passion

If sports are his idea of fun, then the best thing would be to gift a personalized sports tool that can be associated with his favorite sport. Not making it too cheeky or romantic, he would love the simplicity an inscription of the initials of the two of you would bring. When it comes to movies or cars, booking a luxury car ride to a nice romantic getaway which services is favorite cuisine would make everything worth it.

When a Weekend Is Just What It Is Meant To Be

When it is one of those weekends where you know he has time to unwind – why not gift him a weekend getaway to the closest yet the rosiest places you could think of? He is sure to get blown over!

Meeting His Hunger Pangs

If not all the meals, you man needs something special in one meal a day, every day! What better than assembling all his friends over for a surprise party with all his favorite cuisines in line. This is definitely going to top the list for the 1st wedding anniversary gifts for him!


If nothing else clicks, a great massage therapy will never let you down.

Choose what you may, at the end of the day – it is you he got bowled over by. So if it is the 1st wedding anniversary gifts for him, give him your presence, your love and nothing can go wrong!

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