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4 Wedding Makeup Ideas that Ring Bells

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4 Wedding Makeup Ideas that Ring Bells

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and it’s time for you to be in spotlight. This is the day, you will be photographed most and these photos will live forever as memories. You want to look best with your million-dollar smile and tears of joy. But to complement that you need to have immaculate add-ons. From picking your perfect wedding dress to maid of honor to venue and to makeup – everything takes its toll and you are a bit overwhelmed. You want to pull of that impeccable look for your dream wedding but you also wish to look natural and not candy floss.

But bare-face appearance is definitely not a choice; you need slight wedding makeup that will wow everyone. Whether you want to keep it natural or amp up your look with a bit of drama, here we have a number of inspirations for you. From celebrities at red carpet to model brides at photo shoots, we exemplify amazing wedding makeup ideas that you can even achieve. But whatever style you pick, always schedule for a trial with your makeup artist so that you know what you will look like on your BIG day.

Bronzing your Tans:

Tan is vogue, tan is beauty. We all know it makes you look lively and fresh but health risks are high that you don’t want to take. No need to worry, you can use a bronzer instead for a bright, glowing skin. Get that perfect tan look by mixing tones of deep browns and undertones of reddish orange; if you have a darker complexion. Blush it on your face starting from forehead till neck.  Complete the look with ivory silver or copper eyeshadow and light brown lip paint.

But if you have a fair skin, try mixing golden hues with metallic flakes to get a plausible tan with your bronzer.  Pair it with bronze eyeshadow and nude lip color to get a sunny shimmery glow.

Wedding Makeup

Getting berry-licious Flirty look:

This wedding makeup idea will certainly give you a jaw dropping look. It is natural yet dramatic that everyone will covet. Put a vivid wine-color lipstick on your pout. Accentuate it with subtle all over makeup so that your lip shade is the eye-catcher. Put nude eyeshadows, winged eye-liner and length defining mascara on those lovely eyelashes.  Match it with a soft pink blush and face illuminator to get a natural glow.


For Hot Smoky Eyes:

If your wedding is in the evening, then go for this beautiful, sexy wedding makeup. Line the top and bottom of your eyes with black liner; make it winged for a more dramatic look. Blend it with ash-gray, green or blue eyeshadow to create smoky effect. Put a nude blush and lip gloss that will spice up your mien. If you are bold enough to carry it out then try hot or bright red lip color.


Flattering yourself with Pinks:

Go monochromatic this season with pink for your wedding makeup. It will bring out the natural rosy glow on your face. If you have a darker complexion go for warm pinks but if you are fair, try peachy pink. Dab on ivory cream shadow on your tear-duct and cover rest of your lid with candy pink. Put a brown liner to even tones of pink. Apply nude pink or coral hue on your lips matched up with a peachy pink blush.  Go for orange undertones this autumn/winter for an ethereal look.


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