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Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts Ideas

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Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Looking for the best 3rd anniversary gifts ideas? Whether you want the modern or traditional gift ideas, there are lots of options to choose from. You will surely find the gift that will match with the personality and likes of your partner. Leather is the traditional gift theme for the third anniversary while for modern gift theme, it would crystal and glass.

On the other hand, before going to the shop, ask first your partner whether they prefer the leather or the crystal one. If you know what they like, it will be easier for you to choose among the many 3rd anniversary gifts ideas. Below are some the traditional and modern gift ideas that you can choose from for you third anniversary. Choosing will surely be a great surprise to your partner.

3rd anniversary gifts ideas


  • Wallet – This is a traditional gift which is always needed. You can try slipping something special inside his or her wallet such as a coupon redeemable for a free massage or a ticket to a trending show.
  • Belt – A leather belt can be a perfect accessory for your partner.
  • Watch – Perhaps you know that a watch with leather strap is always been in demand these days.
  • Leather jacket – This will surely be a great gift and a great investment as well as it lasts for a lifetime.
  • Luggage – If you both love to travel, you can give him or her a leather luggage and plan a romantic getaway

Glass and Crystal

  • Crystal necklace – Such kind of necklace symbolizes eternal love
  • Glass jewelry – If you want to honor your honey, hand-blown glass jewelry is a good gift idea to consider.
  • Crystal or glass vase – Did you know that a bouquet of your girlfriend’s or wives favourite buds in a dazzling vase is a chic and thoughtful surprise?
  • Crystal Lamp – Do you want to glamourize the room where you share its other’s love? Why not get a pair of crystal lamp? You will surely have a romantic and lovely night.

These are just few of the 3rd anniversary gifts ideas that you can have for your incoming special event. Giving your partner at least one already means a lot. It only shows that despite of the two years that have passed, you never fail to surprise each other and let each other feel the eternal love. It doesn’t matter how simple your gift is because all that matters is that you have something for your anniversary.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you can choose the gifts that fit well on your budget. You just need to make sure that the gift will still be worth it and will be cherished for longer time. There are lots of affordable yet of high quality 3rd anniversary gifts ideas that you and your loved one will surely love. To add to above mentioned ideas, you can also choose to personalize or engrave the gift that you have purchased in order to make it a lot sweeter and more romantic.

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  • Cora says:

    My sister asked me about some 3 rd anniversary gifts ideas and I told her to go for the leather jacket since I am certain her boyfriend will love it. The second option would be a watch and the third a nice looking belt. But I would go with the leather jacket for sure.

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