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Creating Different Looks with Eye Shadow Makeup

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Creating Different Looks with Eye Shadow Makeup

A good eye makeup speaks volume about our style. They add spark and glimmer to your overall look if paired with proper blush and lip color. But eyeshadow makeup is the most difficult to do from beginner one shade stage to Smokey eyes to shimmery glitter shades.  Not only the application process is complicated but also what brushes to use. Have you found yourself staring in the mirror trying to figure out how to blend your eye makeup properly? Well, now we have a solution – read on to get little help from our expert tips and advice.

Using a liner to Get Perfect Smokey Eyes:

Use eyeliner to get perfect smokey eyeshadow makeup for an evening party. Line the upper and lower waterline with pencil and close shut your eyes for few seconds. Then draw a line on your top lid close to lashes and afterwards at the bottom lid but drag it a bit out with a slant. Smudge it with gentle finger strokes and if it gets messy, use Q-tip brush to soften it up. Finish your look with few coats of mascara that will add definition and intensity to your eyes. To tidy-up the look, brush translucent powder on the top lid liner.

Putting up Pretty Pink Eyeshadow:

Pink is a feminine color and it gives that soft, flirty look that is perfect for your romantic date. Just add a touch of charm and sweetness to your aura with this flirty eyeshadow makeup tutorial.

Firstly, apply an eye primer on your lids and then use a soft gel glittery pencil all over your eyes as it will intensify your eye shade. Then apply a shimmery pale pink eyeshadow using your fingertips. Now define your crease line with soft powder pink shadow, applying it with blend brush. Then brush your whole lid with a blending brush to soften harsh strokes. Complete the look with thick-winged black eyeliner to get those spectacular cat eyes.

Eye Shadow Makeup

Getting the Neutral Shadow Perfectly:

The basics of every eyeshadow makeup are same. First it is primer then eyeshadow base and then the colors. For natural look, pick 4 basic neutral shades. For highlighter, choose a color that is one shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte-shade that is similar to your skin tone, a contour that is two or three shades darker than your skin and black eyeshadow to define your eye crease.

Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the highlighter at the tear-duct area and at the arch of your eyebrow. Once done, use blending brush to apply the matte tone above the crease line starting from outer corner and moving inwards.  Now use the contouring shade on the outer half crease line while blending it nicely. Now you mix the contour and matte shade and apply it at the bottom lid starting from outer corner. You can apply the black eyeshadow at the corner of your eye closer to bottom lid for an intensified look. Make your eyeshadow makeup more dramatic with a thin black eyeliner and mascara.


 Applying Glitter on your eyelids:

Get that celebrity look with dazzling glitter eyeshadow. This sparkly makeup is as festive as bold bright red lipstick – that means you are never out of fashion when it comes to glitters. Always pair it up with nude lip color and blush so that your eyes are the center of attention.   Make it more flamboyant by confining it at one corner of the eye. Let’s have a detail tutorial on glittery eyeshadow makeup.

Like any other eye makeup, you have to start with primer and eyeshadow base. Then use a cream eyeshadow matching your glitter or complementing it. Dampen your Q-tip brush and dip it in the glitter and then gently press it on your eyelid.  You can even use Vaseline or lip balm before applying glitter so that it stays.

Hold a damp tissue under your bottom lid so that excess glitter drops on it. To remove loose glitter from your face, lightly dip cotton swab in coconut oil to tidy-up the mess.


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