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Finding the Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Town

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Finding the Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Town

You have been planning for months for your big day but still haven’t found the wedding makeup artist for your wedding day. Well, the process is daunting but a necessary one because it is the most important day of your life and you need to look your best.

You would also be taking photos to capture memorable moments and you don’t want to have makeup blunders such as overly shiny forehead, smudged liner or runny foundation. Investing in professional wedding makeup artist is worth every penny as they will nail that perfect bridal look flawlessly. But how can you be sure that you have chosen the right artist for you? Well the answer is a bit tricky but here we are providing you guidelines on how to pick the best one in town.

Look for Recommendations:

The first step to finding a wedding makeup artist is to ask your friends, family and recently married acquaintances. Word-of-mouth recommendation is still the best approach to find the right talent. And if you have witnessed the results of an artist’s work, firsthand, then there is quite a possibility that he will work for you too.

Pick your look:

Decide your big day look and then share it to your makeup artist. The more details you give her, the better it will be for her to pull off the look that you have – kind of, imagined. You can even show her the visuals of your desired look as it will give a clear idea. She can even guide you if that particular look will suit you or not.

Wedding makeup artist


If you are unable to find someone through you contacts then search the wedding blogs such as Style Me Up or Bydrie. Here you can find recommendations for the best makeup artist in your town – no matter where you are living. The best thing about these blogging sites feature the work of wedding makeup artist and also give links to their website from where you can get contact details. No matter what style you want for your big day, you will definitely find an artist who can pull it for you.

Well there are few things that you need to keep in mind while searching for an artist on blogging sites. Firstly, you should begin your research with location because it is expensive to hire an artist from another town. Then you can search by look such as fairytale wedding style or celebrity wedding style. This will help you to find the most appropriate artist for your big day.

Wedding Makeup Artist

Go for makeup consultation:

If you have listed down few of the makeup artists then you should hit their salon and ask for consultation. A professional artist is always up to guide you and to listen to you. You can even go to beauty consultants and ask for their recommendation for the products that will suit your skin. Then you can cross-check with your wedding makeup artist if they have those or similar products. Believe me it will help you a lot in the long run.

Wedding Makeup Artist

Ask for trial:

It might cost a bit extra but it will give a preview of your wedding day look. It will also help you find out if you and the artist on the same page and how much does she value your opinion. It will also make it easier for the artist as she will be able to note down the products that she has used on you. So, no experiments on your big day!

Wedding Makeup Artist

Once you have followed all these steps, then you will able to find a wedding makeup artist who is perfect for you. Book them early as they have a pretty busy schedule during wedding season. You makeup lives forever in photos so finding the right artist as important as finding your wedding dress.

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