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Five Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Five Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

So you are celebrating your five years of being together? But you are stuck for a five year anniversary gift ideas? Whether you have been together for one or five years, the key ingredients when it comes to keeping a relationship happy and healthy always remain the same, which are support, love, trust, and respect. Five year anniversary gift ideas can sometimes be difficult to come up with most especially if you do now know where to get started.

In order for you to find the best five year anniversary gift ideas for your loved one, consider some of the common choices that are ideal for anniversary gifts simply because they are customizable and definitely vary in cost.

five year anniversary gift ideas

For Him

  • Men’s Accessories and Wood Jewelry

If you are dying to get jewelry for the man you love, fifth year is the best time to do it. Keep in mind that wood definitely makes men’s jewelry masculine and fuel rugged and variety of choices are there that match men’s style.

  • Wood Chess Sets

After five years of being together, he will surely appreciate something that is characterized by hard work as well as attention to details. The handcrafted wood chess sets will definitely make a great five year anniversary gift for your man. These will provide enough opportunities for couple to spend their time together whatever his own skill level is.

For Her

  • Wood Jewelry Box

If your woman has already more jewelry than what she can contain, a wood jewelry box may be a very good idea.

  • Wood Jewelry

Gemstone anniversaries might still be few years down the road. However, it does not mean that jewelry is not great as a five year anniversary gift idea. Plenty of sets of wood jewelry are there to choose from that match her own style and at the same time add touch of the naturalistic chic right to her own collection. You can present her with handcrafted wood jewelry piece. Let your women be reminded of her stronger relationship every time it is worn.

For Him and For Her

  • Watch

Watches mainly range from inexpensive to extravagant but they are considered as ideal five year anniversary gifts that many people love to give. Watch is symbolic of time spent between the couple and the unending love that the couple shares. The watch face can vary and many styles are there that you can choose from. Another great choice that can be even more inexpensive is to custom a certain image right in the face, which can present something, special and symbolic for the couple.

  • Charm Bracelets

These are considered as among the most popular gift ideas. Many believed that these are sentimental to anniversaries because these are opportunities to collect some custom charms that mainly commemorate each and every anniversary that comes along the way.

Many gift ideas are there to choose from. It is up to you to choose the one that match his or her taste. After all, five year anniversary is all about celebrating your love for each other.

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  • Alexa says:

    I had some five year anniversary gift ideas but I didn’t even consider wood jewelry. Now that I know about it I can’t stop but think this could be a perfect gift for him. He loves wood; why didn’t I think of this on my own?

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