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Gear Up Your Wardrobe with Latest Fashion Trends for Men

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Gear Up Your Wardrobe with Latest Fashion Trends for Men

Nowadays men are equally conscious of latest fashion trends be it for a formal meeting or social gathering. They tend to adapt to the styles of the models on the runway. Fashion designers, too, introduce street style as well as couture in their collection every season. As winter is around the corner, dark shades lines up your wardrobe.  Play around the color wheel or try bold prints to spice up your dull outfits and stand out the crowd. We give you a flashback of autumn-winter 2016 shows in London, Milan and Paris to showcase the latest fashion trends for men this year.

Hottest Hues:

A single colorful piece can brighten up your whole outlook. For instance, a ruby bow-tie can add color to your otherwise boring grey suit. It lets you jump out of your safe spectrum of black, blue and white. But it is better to add only one colorful piece in your attire to avoid clash and clutter. Well, the super-hot colors for this season are copper, emerald green, and ruby.

Bringing back 1970s to life, copper color has hit the racks as the new neutral for winter. This year rusty and earthy colors are the latest fashion trends for men. It is more suitable for outerwear made of wool which spruce up the muted tones. Whereas, green is the new blue this season more commonly seen in track tops and cargo pants. However, the color looks good in leather and silk material as they highlight the blue tinge. AW16 introduced ruby color in men’s collection giving it a new personality. Red is now no more a girl’s color as you can see the versatility of ruby in every article of men’s wear. Make your style statement with a shimmery, bright ruby jacket. But if you are color shy then follow the latest fashion trends for men and limit it to accessories only – such as belt or neckerchief.

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Prints & Patterns:

Prints and patterns are the latest fashion trends for men that add personality to your outfit. They also elevate your mood and augment the aesthetic appeal. It gives your wardrobe a much needed break from plain monochromatic designs. This season tartan, florals and checks have hit the high-end fashion world that is positively embraced by the masses.

Tartan, earlier restricted to school uniforms, has expanded its boundaries and became one of the popular latest fashion trends for men. Today, it is one of the most popular patterns in menswear mostly featured in formal suits and blazers. Keep it classic with traditional or experiment hues of red, mustard and green for a bold look. Check is one of the eternal patterns that had survived men’s fashion since the beginning of time.  This year every size and variety of checks had emerged on jackets across the globe. But the check had been limited to grayscale with every possible shades of black and white. The AW’16 has remarkably been redefined as florals are still in fashion but not limited to Hawaiian shirts. This print is making bold statement in street style with it vividness. It adds slight warmth to your chilly outfits and gives you an artistic look. Keep it minimal with slim ties or inner shirts.

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These two latest fashion trends for men have added novelty to our wardrobe. The bright hues and bold prints have given warmth to the winter collection and reignited interest in bright, rich textures. Look your best by incorporating them in your casual or formal wear, subtly or gallantly.

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