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High Street Fashion for your Pregnancy

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High Street Fashion for your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is phase where you don’t feel beautiful no matter how much you style yourself. You just feel big and round – and your baby bump feels more like a pot belly that is growing every day. You are excited to welcome your baby in this world and you have done all sorts of preparation from setting nursery to buying clothes, shoes, and a lot many other things. But when it comes to dressing yourself, then you just feel overwhelmed – none of your clothes fit you and you can’t find anything to add glamour to your boring over-sized clothes. But here, we bring together the high street fashion for maternity ranging from denim jeans to designer frock.

Put an end to your style limbo during pregnancy and splurge on to a shopping spree to feel beautiful and look beautiful. Showing off your baby bump will even make it easier for you to break the good news in a very informal manner. So have a look here and find a place to indulge yourself in high street fashion.

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Finding a perfect pair of denim jeans:

Nothing is as comfortable as a pair of blue denim jeans. But finding a perfect one that fits you, even at the best of times, is difficult; let alone when you are pregnant. Donna Ida, the renowned name in high street fashion, is here for rescue – all of her denim outlets have special denim clinics where you can alter jeans into maternity fits. As your baby bump grows, your jeans start getting tighter and tighter but now at Donna Ida’s denim clinic you can take your favorite pair of jeans and let the experts modify it for you.  This process can be vice versa; you can even take your maternity jeans and get it altered for your routine wear.

Flaunting your baby bump with Billowy silhouettes:

Today you can find savvy brands like Hatch, and Clary and Peg who are designing investment pieces that can live in your closet long after pregnancy. Isn’t it good news – what is better than buying chic dresses that you not only can wear during pregnancy but also long after that! The best part is they are not oversized but voluminous cuts that make them suitable for pregnant and non-pregnant women alike. The trousers have elastics that can be adjusted beneath the belly for pregnant women and up on the waist for non-pregnant women. These high street fashion dresses have finer details and silhouettes that make these pieces versatile.

Getting comfortable with comfy Tees:

Nothing can beat Gap in high street fashion due to its soft fabrics and breathable materials. Visit their online store to find maternity clothes that are stylish and comfortable. From formal dresses to nursing tees – they have covered it all in various different shades. They take the normcore fashion to next level with their maternity collection designed for comfort.


Striking the chord with a sexy frock:

Nothing looks as beautiful as a well-designed frock. But preggers often traipse around the shopping arcades to find one that doesn’t cost a fortune. Now the online store ASOS has sorted it out for you as they offer an amazing range of high street fashion wear wear that staples your style. Even with a baby-bump, you can look breath-taking with their stylish, trendy dresses. You can even find maternity designer brands such as New Look, Paper doll and Mama.licious.

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