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Latest Wristwatches Designed to Amp up Fashion for Men

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Latest Wristwatches Designed to Amp up Fashion for Men

Wrist watches are a must-have accessory in the world of fashion for men. It is a staple to their personality that makes a style statement. Watches are timeless pieces that do not wither away with seasons like clothes. The pace of trend shift in the world of timepiece is still slowing compared to clothing and shoes.

Decades back, it was assumed that technology such as mobile phone will replace our traditional wrist watches but the growing industry of horology tells another story. Almost half a century ago, Quartz revolutionized the watch industry and redefined fashion for men. But this transition of technological innovation did not stop here; the computer industry joined hands and created mechanical pieces that everyone loves – smartwatches. But these watches are high-maintenance designed for tech-savvy people but are not practical for those who have a busy lifestyle. Explore our collection to find out best products the top brands are offering this year.

Langne & Sohne – Richard Lange Jumping Seconds:

This German brand is the most desired fashion for men in watch industry. It is known for its cutting-edge technology in developing and designing wristwatches. Its new 2016 collection comprises of beautiful Saxonia watches redesigned with two-hands to show hours and minutes. They have intricate details with an impeccable finish that the watch to glow in dark. Its latest timepiece, Richard Lange Jumping Seconds has exceptional precision that always tell you the correct time. The watch has a 39.9mm platinum case and it also contains two sub-dials separate for hours and minutes with a zero re-set second’s hand.

Fashion for Men

Citizen-Eco Drive One:

Citizen watches is the leading luxury brand that is known for its innovation. Recently, the company has launched its eco-friendly collection to accentuate fashion for men. These watches don’t need quartz battery to function but rather is powered by light – be it natural or artificial. Citizen-eco drive one is the latest model introduced in 2016. The limited-edition piece features thin strap made of innovative materials such ceramics and metallic material. Cemented carbide is used to strengthen the wafer-thin band that will sit perfectly on your wrist.


Officine Panerai- Luminor Due 3 Days:

This brand of wristwatches is specifically design for military men but few decades back, the company launched its new collection of the contemporary watches that has made mark in the world of fashion for men.  The new Luminor Due 3 days is different from the traditional watches while inspired by its classic, iconic designs.  The watch is the thinnest in the Paneri collection but has sandwiched dial with alligator skin straps. You can find hand-wound as well as automatic watch in plain gold or reddish gold that feature 3-day power reserve.


Hublot-Big Bang Unico Sapphire:

Crystal case is the next big thing in luxury watches that has taken fashion for men to new heights. It gives them ultra-discretion that makes these timepieces almost invisible. This watch is an art of fusion that is completely transparent yet shows everything. The transparent strap with clear resin dial and silicon cover exposes the movement of watch. The titanium built chronograph makes it lightweight and easy to wear. Splurge into this luxury automatic watch that incorporates style and technology together.


TAG Heuer-Connected:

It’s a Swiss luxury watch brand that has 155-year old history of revolutionary precision. To upkeep the fashion for men and match the requirements of next generation wearable’s, the company introduced its smartwatch collection –Connected. The label was introduced in November 2015 but the product only reached the market only in early 2016. This tech-savvy timepiece was designed after collaborating with Intel to match cutting edge technology. It has surpassed its predecessors in the smartwatch industry.


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