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Natural Makeup

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Natural Makeup

You always covet to look fresh and bubbly but with age your skin tone dims, wrinkles and dark spot cover your face. You can keep your make-up low-key to hide all these imperfection and enjoy the natural look. Pull it off at a lunch get together with an old friend or meeting your corporate friends at a bar after work. Look beautiful bare-faced with our tips for flawless natural makeup.  Let’s start the tour:

Step 1: Polishing your skin:

Before you start makeup, use a cleanser or mask to draw out gunk from your face for a smooth, exfoliated skin.

Step 2: Moisturizing your face:

Use a tinted lotion that contains sunscreen and gently massage your face to even out your skin tone. You can use 1 shade darker tinted lotion to warm up your complexion.

Step 3: Start Your Makeup

Concealing the Flaws:

When doing natural makeup, you should use concealer before applying foundation. Use a rich pigmented concealer in small amount to hide dark circles and blemishes. Dab it on the affected area and blend it with your fingertips. To cover dark circles, swipe the applicator under your eyes and pat with your fingers.

 Drying up Oily skin:

Use an oil absorbing powder all over your face to protect it from getting slick. You can even use foundation powder on the oilier part of your face (t-zone, apples of your cheeks and chin) and brush it up in circular motion to create an undetectable layer over your skin. But won’t it be better if you could add a natural glow to your face. Get the dewy skin like Gisele with a highlighter or face illuminator. After applying sheer base, dab it at the apples of your cheeks, chin, tip of your nose and above eyebrows.

Natural Makeup

Defining your eyebrows:

Get a polished natural look by perfectly grooming your eyebrows. Use a pencil to fill up your brow and then use brow comb in upward direction. Keep everything else nude or neutral. Check out Chloë Grace Moretz’s simple yet elegant look.


Defining your eyes:

Natural makeup on your eyes will add luminosity to your face as it will improve the way light bounces off your skin. Tint your eyelids with a brown eyeshadow for a more naturally buoyant look. A shade that is slightly darker than your skin will enhance your eye color and add a sparkle to your overall look. Fill up the creases and swipe it along your lower lid to create gullible eyes. If you want to define your eyes more, line your top lashes with soft grey or brown eye pencil.

Creating luscious lashes:

Create those Jessica Alba’s long, flirty lashes with lengthening mascara. It will complement the natural makeup on your eyelid. You can dab on a gel line for pretentiously clean look. To increase the volume and length of your lashes, apply a coat of pre-mascara lash lengthening.


Amp up your Lips:

Choose a lip balm or lip stain that matches your natural lip color and apply it with your finger tips for a soft, subtle shade. Put it at the center of your lips and blend it outwards; for a more innate look with natural makeup. You can even trace the outline of your lip with nude lip pencil and fuse it with a lip brush – just the way Joy Bryant did for that perfect innocent look.


Warming up your cheeks:

Brush rosy pink or warm peach shade on the apples of your cheeks for natural, glow-y blush. Choose a creamy rogue from your natural makeup palette for subtle tone. The shade should match your skin like warm pinks suit lighter skin colors whereas peachy pinks are for darker skin tone. For an even look, apply the blush on your forehead, nose and chin as well.

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