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One Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas

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One Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Over the centuries, humans have rejoiced the tradition of celebrating anniversaries with their loved ones. Anniversary is an unforgettable occasion when family, friends and spouses have the opportunity to celebrate their love. Every year the celebration is made more memorable by exchanging gifts that are exquisite and hold a symbolic value for them. The first year of anniversary basically establishes a strong foundation of the relationship that is being celebrated.

In order to make this occasion special, various one year anniversary gifts ideas are under consideration. No matter what the gift is but it must convey true feelings for your loved ones.

one year anniversary gifts ideas



Handmade Gifts

Many people are of the view that handmade on
e year anniversary gifts ideas are an ideal choice for the celebration. It is mainly due to the reason that they are unique and one can show the creative talent to impress their loved ones. The Internet is a great source for the people to find quick, easy and cost effective one year anniversary gifts ideas to make it special.

Moreover, there are plenty of online shopping websites that offer an amazing variety of homemade stuff. It will save shopping time and cost. Some people prefer to buy a basket of chocolates, ranging from white, milk, unsweetened and semi-sweet chocolate. There is also a gift basket consisting of exotic fruits along with cheese and wine. There are also expensive options available such as spa gift bag.

Paper made Gifts

Among many 1 year anniversary gift ideas, it is a traditional but a hearty way to express your love. There are varieties of paper made flowers which can make your loved ones feel special.

Love Letter

It may sound traditional, but it has its value as a one year anniversary gifts idea. It is a great way to express your sincerest feelings for your loved ones. A sweet poem will add magic to the letter. If you are a poet yourself than the love letter becomes even more precious.

Personalized photo Frame

There is a new addition to the list of one year anniversary gifts ideas. One among them is the picture frame exchanged on anniversary celebrations. Pick a photo of the best memory shared together and put it in exquisite frame. Place the frame on the shelf along with candles and fresh flowers to add to the beauty of the gift.

Spa Coupons

The time well spent with the loved ones is a splendid experience. The anniversary celebration is the right time to take a break from the tough routine and relax. There are personalized coupons for spa which is an amazing addition to the one year anniversary gifts ideas.

Love for ART

In order to make the other person feel special, gift them their favorite book. This tells a lot that you take care and know a lot about the likes of your loved ones. Also, if they are an admirer of art than a painting will be a perfect one year anniversary gifts idea. However, you can make a good painting which can be greater effort to impress your loved one.


A music CD consisting of your loved one’s favorite music can make a wonderful one year anniversary gifts idea. Also, you can record a CD consisting of your favorite music collection which will take you into the world of memories that is spent together.

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